In pursuit of our mission and vision, we are governed by the following core values:

(i) Youth leadership: we believe young people have a key role to play in leading

and coordinating social change and preventing conflict in their localities.


(ii) Equity and justice requires us to work to ensure that every person irrespective of sex, age, race, class and religion has equal opportunity for expression and utilizing their potential.


(iii) Honesty and transparency requires us to be accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgments and communication with others.


(iv) Mutual respect: we recognize the innate dignity and worth of all people and value diversity.


(v) Tolerance: we recognize that peace is a process driven by dialogue, empathy, understanding and readiness to engage with others in trust and respect.


(vi) Empathy: we recognize the unique power of empathy and compassion in the

management of our organization.


(vii) Efficiency: commitment to manage our organization in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible to maximize the impact of resources dedicated to our ultimate objective of building sustainable peace.


(viii) Excellence: we strive for the highest quality of work and performance.