It is our firm belief that young people are key partners and drivers of sustainable peace in their respective localities, regions and countries. Thus, this enormous potential of young people to build and sustain peace should be harnessed for society’s benefit.

In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2250. The first-ever resolution on Youth, Peace and Security. Hence, recognizing young people as meaningful drivers of positive change and partners in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. UNSCR 2250 also affirmed the critical role of young people in preventing and resolving conflicts and called for the engagements of youth as partners and leaders at all levels of decision making and peacebuilding processes. With two additional resolutions adopted that are UNSCR 2419 and UNSCR 2535  in 2019 and 2020 respectively, the Youth, Peace and Security agenda has been strengthened and continues to garner momentum and support world over.

Finland became the first country in the world to adopt a National Action Plan on Resolution 2250 to enhance the meaningful participation of youth across the five pillars of the Resolution. Quite recently, Nigeria, our next door neighbour, adopted a National Action Plan on UNSCR 2250 and hence became the second to do so in the world and first in Africa.

Despite the landmark adoption of UNSCR 2250, actual implementation of the Resolution among Member States including Ghana remains slow. For example, young people in Ghana continue to face exclusion from peacebuilding and decision making processes, unable to access the needed support to sustain their peacebuilding initiatives and conflict prevention mechanisms. There is also limited awareness of the Resolution among youth people and stakeholders alike.Network for 2250 in Ghana will together civil society and youth-led organisations to advance and advocate for the meaningful participation of youth in decision making and peacebuilding processes at all levels. The Network also provides a platform for collaborations for peace.

Network for 2250 in Ghana is therefore established to provide a platform for coordination and collaboration to support the national implementation of Youth, Peace and Security agenda in the framework of the UNSCR 2250 and AU Continental framework on YPS. 

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