Sports4Peace – An initiative to address violence and hooliganism in Ghanaian football

We are witnessing a rising occurrence of violence and hooliganism in Ghanaian football with many fearing the reoccurrence of the unfortunate Accra stadium disaster which sadly took the lives of 126 people, making it the worst stadium disaster ever taken place in Africa.

Despite football often being described by most people as the nation’s passion, it attracts hooliganism and violence at match venues which sometimes leads to reprisal attacks. Thus, Ghanaian football has been significantly tarnished over the years by the almost regular violent activities at the various stadia without proper solutions.

This initiative – Sports4Peace thus recognizes the power of football to unite people around a common goal and at the same time has the potential to be exploited by people to foment trouble and undermine our peace and security.

Sports4Peace has three (3) key outcomes:

● Clubs management demonstrates a greater understanding of the effects of violence in football and how to prevent them.

● Sessions with football clubs at their training centers result in players having greater awareness of the types of violence and

their negative consequences.

● ‘Suhudua Deema’ (Peace Games) organized in an atmosphere of peace and togetherness.

This initiative is implemented with the partnership and support of Euphrates Institute.


We are a youth-led peacebuilding NGO working on sustainable peace, interfaith harmony and development through dialogue, advocacy and youth empowerment. Feel free to reach out to us via

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