Let’s unite against religious intolerance and discrimination – Issah Toha Shamsoo

At an event to commemorate this year’s Ghana Interfaith Solidarity MarchAfrican Students For Interfaith Tolerance, a youth-led peacebuilding non-governmental organization brought together over 100 people consisting of youth, children, religious leaders etc. on Sunday, 22nd May, 2022 to march on the streets of Walewale in the North East Region of Ghana under the theme: Freedom, Diversity and Respect: Learning to Live Together.

Whilst addressing the gathering, the Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Issah Toha Shamsoo called for unity and inter-religious tolerance.

“The purpose of our today’s march is to strengthen interfaith harmony and also promote freedom of religion or belief whilst uniting against religious intolerance, discrimination and hatred. I am so happy to see a lot of young people, children and religious leaders in attendance. We all belong to the human race, therefore we should work hard to strengthen the peace we are already enjoying. One of the key outcomes of today’s event is the signing of a peace pledge by religious leaders and other members of our community.”

Ghana is widely hailed as one of Africa’s model democracies and second most peaceful country in Africa according to the latest ranking by the Global Peace Index.

It is therefore the belief of the organizers that peacebuilding efforts should be given the necessary attention by all stakeholders.

Video - Ghana Interfaith Solidarity March 2022


We are a youth-led peacebuilding NGO working on sustainable peace, interfaith harmony and development through dialogue, advocacy and youth empowerment. Feel free to reach out to us via info@asfitnetwork.org.

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