Get ready! ASFIT launches an online peace talk series

We are excited to announce the launch of a new online peace talk series known as, “Youth Peace Talk Series“.

This is a continuation of a highly successful “Peace Time” campaign, which was focused on sharing messages of peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation on social media. This new talk series will be hosted on communication platforms such as zoom and social media platforms with the aim of reaching a wider audience, especially young people.

We recognize the power of social media as a tool for reaching a broad spectrum of audience and making lasting impact, therefore the campaign is designed to create awareness about the importance of peace education and to empower young people become peace agents in their respective communities.

The talk series will feature a range of topics related to peacebuilding, mental health, and civic responsibility.

We will use the hashtag #ASFITYouthPeaceTalkSeries to make it easy for followers to engage with the content and share their own perspectives.

ASFIT believes that by providing a platform for open discussions on peace and conflict, young people will be able to learn from each other, gain a deeper understanding of the issues, and work towards building a more peaceful and harmonious society.

Join us in this journey towards a more peaceful and harmonious society.


We are a youth-led peacebuilding NGO working on sustainable peace, interfaith harmony and development through dialogue, advocacy and youth empowerment. Feel free to reach out to us via

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