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ASFIT Volunteers Joins First Ever Online Circle of Compassion

Online Circle of Compassion

Volunteers of African Students For Interfaith Tolerance (ASFIT), a youth-led NGO in peace building and the promotion of interfaith harmony have taken steps to participate in a historic event which comes off online.

Online Circle of Compassion is a virtual global solidarity platform created with the objective of offering a safe space for young people across the globe to share their experiences and stories freely without the fear of being criticized or judged.

The facilitators, Jon Rasmussen and Sohini Jana are both trained dialogue facilitators and believe that healing starts sometimes with listening! Hence, online circle of compassion will be the right platform to promote compassionate listening and unburdening of pain suffering and hope while they ask “how are you feeling today?”

First session is expected to take place on Sunday 26th July, 2020 at 8:30 PM IST / 5:00 PM CEST / 3 PM GMT.

Are you interested in joining? Email us now.


We are a youth-led peacebuilding NGO working on sustainable peace, interfaith harmony and development through dialogue, advocacy and youth empowerment. Feel free to reach out to us via

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  1. Meshach Agunya Aselisiwine

    I’m interested

  2. Sumaila Musah-Khalifah

    A great platform to be heard and helped on .
    Glad to be an associate.

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