Webinar on International day of peace
Webinar on International day of peace

African Students For Interfaith Tolerance Organizes Students Call To Prayer


African Students For Interfaith Tolerance (ASFIT) on Wednesday, 13th May, 2020 organised a students call to prayer via zoom. It was to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the organisation and also to seek the blessings and mercies of the Almighty God onto the world as the world continue to battle the novel coronavirus.

The online prayer was categorised into different segments. Firstly, a prayer for the lives and families of the participants against covid-19 and all other afflictions.

Secondly, a prayer for ASFIT as an organisation and all those working to sustain it.

Thirdly, a prayer was said for the sick (victims of covid-19), recovered and healthy in Ghana.

Lastly, a powerful prayer was said for the entirety of world. Asking for the special intervention of the supreme being.

The opportunity was also used to extend thanks to all health care workers, researchers, scientists, security agencies and everyone working hard to help the world eradicate coronavirus.

The Executive Director of ASFIT, Mr. Issah Toha Shamsoo expressed joy and thanked participants after taking part in the event.

“I’m filled with joy that this finally happened. Initially, I thought it couldn’t be possible. But I remained focused on getting it done. I thank all the participants of this program.” He said.

The students call to prayer forms part of activities to commemorate the one-year anniversary of African Students For Interfaith Tolerance.

Visit www.asfitnetwork.org/who-we-are/ for more information about ASFIT.

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  1. Sumaila Musah-Khalifah

    Ma Shaa Allah. It’s now a reality. Let’s keep focused and have it in mind that it is possible

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