African Students For Interfaith Tolerance And Peace for Life Ghana To Host A Roundtable Discussion on Int’l Day of Peace

As part of African Students For Interfaith Tolerance and Peace for Life Ghana‘s partnership to organize ‘Public Lecture Series & Roundtable Discussions‘, on international day of peace, a roundtable discussion will be held in Walewale at West Mamprusi Municipal Assembly with the support of BRAVEAURORA under the theme: Leveraging Ghana’s religious and cultural diversity for a peaceful and prosperous Ghana for all.

The roundtable discussion will bring together stakeholders different sectors including religious and traditional actors to brainstorm ways Ghana’s religious and cultural diversity could be harnessed for public good and also help in building bridges across our diverse communities.

The overall objective of the ‘Public Lecture Series and Roundtable Discussions‘ is to ignite discussions on pertinent issues derailing societal growth and development among stakeholders including such as discrimination, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, youth unemployment, threats of terrorism etc.

You can learn more about both African Students For Interfaith Tolerance and Peace for Life Ghana.


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